Contemplating the Six Ways of Ruling

King Dawa Sangpo, the first sovereign of the Kingdom of Shambhala, received the sacred teachings on enlightened society from the Buddha. “The history and legend of Shambhala is based upon a great community that was able to reach a higher level of consciousness. This community could occur because its members participated fully in creating a culture of kindness, generosity and courage,” wrote The Sakyong, Jamgön Mipham Rinpoche, in his Letter of the Morning Sun.The Buddha taught Dawa Sangpo, the first king of Shambhala, how to rule by joining heaven and earth. Earth is where we live, and heaven gives us the ability to live with meaning. Following the paths of the tiger, lion, garuda, and dragon, we learn to balance heaven – wisdom and equanimity – with earth, contentment and delight in helping others. Then we are all-victorious, able to accomplish whatever we want. The Shambhala teachings tell us that to join heaven and earth, we need to be benevolent, true, genuine, fearless, artful and rejoicing. These are the six ways of ruling.

In the short videos below, President Reoch leads you through a short contemplation of each of the Six Ways of Ruling. Click here to download the contemplation text in English.

After watching each video, reflect on how you have applied this particular wisdom to good effect in your governance practice, and ask yourself how you might have applied this guidance in other situations that would have benefited from this wisdom.







Shambhala Media has just re-published the Contemplating the Six Ways of Ruling booklet that was first given at the Kalapa Governance Gatherings in 2011. It’s available for purchase here.

You can also purchase it as a set with the Six Ways of Ruling resource book.